The Great British Tennis Tour – Update

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Final day and coaches arrive at the National Tennis Centre

Sport Relief Tennis Tour Arrives Home

A BIG thanks to everyone who came along to the White Horse to welcome our Great British Tennis Tour heroes.

Jon Maskens, Ed Isard, Josh Crossley and Olly Car have braved snow, sleet, biting winds, flocks of sheep and broken bike chains along their 500 mile cycle route which saw them set off from Dunblane last weekend.

They completed the last leg of their tour, cycling from Abingdon to the National Tennis Centre, Wimbledon. There is still time to donate towards their mammoth Sport Relief effort. Please visit ………

Along the route our intrepid coaches have played and given tennis lessons to thousands of children and adults in supermarket car parks, shopping centres, schools and parks.


Join the coaches at 5pm on Thursday at the White Horse Tennis Centre.

Day 5 – Made it to Stratford – Wednesday 21st March

Bit of a road block! Offered to play tennis but market calls!

Olly and Ed took tennis to the community in Stratford-Upon-Avon

White Horse Tennis Centre – Thursday 22 March, 5pm

Please join us this Thursday so we can give a hero’s welcome to four Oxfordshire tennis coaches cycling over 500 miles for Sport Relief.

Jon Maskens, Ed Isard, Josh Crossley and Ollie Carr, all members of Tennis Oxfordshire, set off from Dunblane on Saturday. Along the route they have been giving free tennis coaching to hundreds of people in local schools, clubs and parks.

They will arrive at the White Horse around 5pm – and we would love to see as many of you as possible to give them the reception they deserve. There will be tennis challenges to take part in and BBC Radio Oxford will be broadcasting live.

If you would like to donate to The Great British Tennis Tour then

The Start!  Day 1 – Andy Murray Post Box.