Ladies Summer County Cup Report

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The Oxfordshire Ladies were looking forward to a sunny week competing in Group 6 in Felixstowe.

The team consisted of:
Lucy Brown (Captain)
Chloe Elliott
Taysie Gujral
Lucy Denly
Annabelle Denly
Hannah Denly
Alison Denly

Day 1 – Oxfordshire Vs West of Scotland (2-7 Loss)

It was a tough start to the week for the ladies team against opponents who were just too strong. Wins came from Lucy Brown & Chloe Elliott.

Lucy & Chloe, 2 wins
Annabelle & Lucy D, 0 wins
Hannah & Taysie, 0 wins

Day 2 – Oxfordshire Vs Devon (4-5 Loss)

Day two was a much closer affair that could have very easily gone either way. With Lucy and Chloe winning all 3 of their rubbers and Lucy D and Annabelle winning one of theirs, the team only needed one more rubber to gain the win. After a long close battle and having had four match points, unfortunately Hannah and Taysie lost 11-9 in the third set tie break.

Lucy & Chloe, 3 wins
Annabelle & Lucy D, 1 win
Hannah & Taysie, 0 wins

Day 3 – Oxfordshire Vs Shropshire (2-7 Loss)

The tie against Shropshire was another tough day for the team. Lucy and Chloe had a win and a loss before Lucy was injured and Alison came on to sub. They managed a 7-6 win in the third set which was hard fought and much deserved. Sadly the opposition proved too strong on the day.

Lucy & Chloe, 1 win
Chloe & Alison, 1 win
Annabelle & Lucy D, 0 wins
Hannah & Taysie, 0 wins

Day 4 – Oxfordshire Vs North Wales (4-5 Loss)

Day 4 was a close encounter for team Oxfordshire. Once again the result could have gone either way with a new line up. Lucy and Hannah won 2 rubbers out of the 3, congratulations to Hannah on her first wins at Ladies County Cup. Wins also came from Annabelle and Lucy D and Chloe and Taysie. Everyone competed really well considering the extremely hot day!

Lucy & Hannah, 2 wins
Annabelle & Lucy D, 1 win
Chloe & Taysie, 1 win

Day 5 – Oxfordshire Vs North Of Scotland (3-6 Loss)

Sadly there was no way back from defeat however the team still showed willing and again did their best against strong opposition.

Lucy & Hannah, 2 wins
Annabelle & Lucy D, 1 win
Chloe & Taysie, 0 wins

Thanks to all our players this year, especially the Denly family, also to Felixstowe Lawn Tennis Club for hosting the event and making the team feel so welcome. Sadly Oxfordshire Ladies will be relegated to Group 7 for 2020.