We are here to support young players who want to represent their county in team competition at regional and national level. Here is the background on how we select our county squads and the training programme we run throughout the year.


The training will take place in two parts, a winter season (Oct-Feb), and then a summer season (Mar-July), each season comprises of 5 training sessions with a mixture of indoor and outdoor training in both seasons.

We are keen to provide the players with opportunities to face the many uncontrollable challenges that come with playing outside. The outdoor sessions will take place on the outdoor county courts at WHLTC.

The table below shows the dates, venues and how the 10 sessions are divided into the 2 seasons.

 Season  Month Venue  County Camps (Sun)
Winter 2018/19 October  WHLTC – Indoors 14th
November  WHLTC – Indoors 11th
December  WHLTC – Indoors 9th
January  WHLTC – Indoors 6th
February  WHLTC – Indoors 3rd
Summer 2019 March  WHLTC – Indoors 3rd
April  WHLTC 28th
May  WHLTC 19th
June  WHLTC 9th
July  WHLTC 7th
N/A August No Training, get playing those tournaments & enjoy your holidays!

Training camp timetable

Simply find your age group and then next to it you will see what time your
training camp will be. Don’t be late!

Age Time
8 & under 09.00 to 12.30
9’s 10.00 to 13.30
10’s 10.00 to 13.30
11’s 10.00 to 13.30
12’s 13.30 to 17.00
13’s 13.30 to 17.00
14’s 13.30 to 17.00
18’s – 17.00 to 18.30

Over the coming weeks invites will be sent out for the summer season training which will commence in March.

Below are the selection dates for the winter and summer seasons. On these dates we will take all current rating and ranking information from the LTA website. We hope providing you with these dates well in advance gives you the opportunity to use them as potential targets for your child’s tennis.

Summer 2019
Invitations to be sent out by 5th February 2019

Winter 2018/2019
Invitations to be sent out by 24th September 2018



The following arrangements apply for the selection of junior tennis teams to represent Oxfordshire:

The Selection Committee will meet to select the team for each event. The Committee’s aim will be to select the team which in its judgement will perform best as a team and in representing Oxfordshire.

In making its decision, the Committee will take into account a player’s rating, ranking or recent form, age, the level of tournaments played and results over the past 12 months as well as any Talent ID feedback together with any other factors it considers relevant. No one factor will be deemed to take precedence over others. There will be no playoffs and the Committee’s decision will be final.

The Selection Committee is:
Alison Jackson (Chairman)
Tom Francis
Jon Maskens
Dave Tuck
Lucy Brown
Neil Shirley
Simon Elliott

The number of players selected for each event will normally be (all events separate genders except 9U CC):

18U County Cup: 7 – 8
14U County Cup: 5 – 6
12U County Cup: 3 – 4
10U County Cup: 3 – 4
9U County Cup: 3 – 4

12 Counties 10U, 12U 14U, 16U 18U: 4
Lionel Cox 9U, 1OU, 12U: 3
East Region Red Event: 6

For the 18U and 14U County Cups where players may stay away, numbers allow for a travelling reserve who may not be asked to play matches. For other County Cups within easy daily travelling distance, a reserve may be selected but will not need to attend the venue unless required to play.



The selection criteria for County Training Camps is as follows:

For 18U, 14U, 13U and 12U age groups selection is made on the basis of:

  • Ranking
  • Rating
  • Level and Number of tournaments played over the last 12 months
  • Age/Year of birth

For 11U, 10U & 9U age groups selection is made on the basis of:

  • Ranking / Recent Form
  • Rating/ Mini tennis rating
  • Level of involvement within the LTA Talent ID structure
  • National
  • Regional
  • County
  • Advice from the LTA Talent and Performance Team
  • Level and Number of tournaments played over the last 12 months

For 8U, selection will be made on the basis of:

  • Coach recommendation
  • LTA talent ID
  • Advice from the LTA Talent and Performance Team.
  • We are keen to include as many players as possible in this group.


Wildcard places (except 8’s)

Each age group (except 8U and 18U) will normally have space for 8 players to attend County Training.  8U and 18U County Training groups will be much larger than 8.

The first 6 players will be chosen using the selection criteria above; the remaining 2 players may be selected by Wild Card.

This means that in exceptional circumstances the Section Committee may choose a player who would not have been selected under the criteria above. Wild Cards may take into account:

  • Recent injuries
  • Reasons why competition has been missed
  • Personal circumstances
  • Training or competing abroad in events outside the LTA structure (Tennis Europe/ITF etc)
  • Late entry into the sport

NB An important objective of County Training is preparing players for the County Cup events. As all of these events (except 18U) take place in the summer season, squad selection is made on the basis of a player’s age in the relevant summer season