9U Inter-County Friendly – February 2020

Date:  2 February 2020
Venue:  White Horse Leisure and Tennis Centre, Abingdon

The Team for the above event is:

  • Andrew Dunn
  • Matthew Hayes
  • George Ramsay
  • Finley Spooner
  • Jasmine Heus
  • Taisia Konoplev
  • Eleanor Thresh
  • Aneesa Zameel


9U County Cup 2019 – Group H

Date:  17 August 2019
Venue:  Dukes Meadows Tennis
Group:  H
Result:  4th place

Team Captain:

Shola Adebisi (Ade)


Benedek Dilks
Daniel Gifford
Lukas Pocock
Sonia Chiorean
Ella Ramsay
Miriam Aldred