LTA Big Tennis Weekends 2020

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Is your venue looking at running a LTA Big Tennis Weekend event in 2020?

LTA Big Tennis Weekends is an initiative to help tennis venues attract new people from the local community to come and try out your venue at fun and welcoming open days.

Each year over a thousand venues sign-up to run LTA Big Tennis Weekends with over 85,000 people coming along to experience their local tennis club; but most importantly 58% of these attendees decide to join the club and play tennis more regularly following their experience. As a result, many venues run more than one LTA Big Tennis Weekends event each year to capitalise on the positive impact they have in attracting new members and new players onto the coaching programme.

Reasons to run LTA Big Tennis Weekends

  • A proven route in helping tennis venues to attract new members and new players to your coaching programmes
  • Take advantage of a national marketing campaign to get more people playing tennis
  • Help raise awareness of your club in the local community
  • Free marketing resources to help promote your LTA Big Tennis Weekends open day.

Dates and sign-up

LTA Big Tennis Weekends open days can take place at any point throughout the year from April onwards, and venues can run as many open days as they wish (the more the better!). Venues with outdoor courts typically have the most success in running their LTA Big Tennis Weekends open days during the spring and summer months, but for venues with indoor courts or floodlights there is no need to be limited to just this period!

The national LTA Big Tennis Weekends are the 16 & 17 May, the 18 & 19 July and 26 & 27 September 2020.

These are the dates that we will focus most of our marketing and promotional support and therefore encourage venues to consider holding their open days on these dates to maximise the impact of the national campaign.

For more information about signing up for an event please visit the LTA website!