LTA COVID-19 Venue Hardship Fund

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Applications are now open for LTA COVID-19 “Venue” Hardship Fund.

As part of the LTA’s support packages for tennis, we will be providing LTA Registered Venues with the facility to apply for simple, unsecured financial support of between £1,000 and £5,000 in value, which will be repayable over a three year period, following a repayment holiday of approximately a year, from the point at which the financial support is provided.

This support is intended to provide venues with a cash injection where they are facing the issue of costs continuing during this period, but with reduced income, for example as a result of reduced membership renewals.

This support will be easily accessible, and interest free.

Our goal in providing this and other support is to help tennis in Britain emerge from this period in as strong and healthy a position as possible, and that our sport is able to resume its unique role in keeping the nation active as soon as conditions allow.

All the information is available by clicking here.