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As awareness and demand for tennis is reaching new heights, we want to work together to make the most of this opportunity to increase participation and drive revenue opportunities for coaches and venues. To achieve this, we have developed a marketing campaign to encourage everyone across Britain to Play Your Way.

To do this we will be running a series of one hour practically focussed webinars to give you more information on the following:

  • How and when the campaign will run.
  • How you can take advantage of it to benefit your venue or coaching business; including ideas from across the country of how people are already using innovative approaches to attract people to our sport.
  • A better understanding of the free tools we have which can help you do this such as free marketing assets.
  • The marketing materials you can access.
  • As all national marketing activity will be driving people to book courts and coaching sessions via Rally, we’ll remind you how to upload courses to Clubspark/Rally so you/your venue can maximise on the opportunity of increased demand.

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