County Cup events give players the opportunity to represent Oxfordshire in team competition at a national/regional level.

Events are held at different times of the year and in order to compete players have to be selected by their county.

There are separate County Cup competitions for the different age groups, each held at different times of the year:

Click on the above age group categories to be directed to their individual county page.

2020 Junior County Team Captains/Assistant Captains

David Tuck
Captain: 14U Boys

Jon Maskens
Captain: 18U Boys

Tom Francis
Captain: 9U Boys; 11U Boys; 12U Boys

Caroline Watson
Assistant Captain: 8U Boys and Girls

Harry Brown
Assistant Captain: 14U Girls

Kerry Smith
Assistant Captain: 18U Girls

Andy Aitken
Captain: 12U Girls; 14U Boys; Magdalen event

Lucy Brown
Captain: 14U Girls; Assistant Captain: 18U Boys

Bart Wisniewski
Captain: 8U Girls; 9U Girls

Tom Lambert
Captain: 8U Boys; 18U Girls

Shola Adebisi
Captain: 10U Girls

Olly Carr
Captain: 10U Boys

Laurie Mackenzie
Assistant Captain: 14U Boys

Josh Crossley
Captain: 11U Girls