Selection criteria for Junior County Cup and other County Team Events

The following arrangements apply for the selection of junior tennis teams to represent Oxfordshire:

The Selection Committee will select the team for each event. The Committee’s aim will be to select the team which in its judgement will perform best as a team and in representing Oxfordshire.

In making its decision, the Committee will take into account a player’s ranking, rating, recent form, age, the level of tournaments played and results over the past 12 months together with any other factors it considers relevant. Other such factors include attitude, team spirit and attendance at County Training (not an exhaustive list). No one factor will be deemed to take precedence over others. There will be no playoffs and the Committee’s decision will be final.

The Selection Committee is:

  • Alison Jackson (Chairman)
  • Lucy Brown
  • Olly Carr
  • Simon Elliott
  • Tom Francis
  • Tom Lambert
  • Jon Maskens
  • Neil Shirley
  • Dave Tuck

Selections will be published on the Tennis Oxfordshire website 8 weeks before each event. Individual invitations will be issued to those selected at that time. Confirmation of availability to play (or to remain on the reserve list) will be required within one week from the date of the invitation. The final team list will then be published.

Should you wish to contact the Selection Committee regarding county team selection or about the selection criteria, you can do so by emailing

Note: The Selection Committee will select the squad of players who will form the team for an inter county competition. Selection of players to play specific matches within that competition is at the absolute discretion of the Team Captain for that event and will be made on the basis of his/her professional judgement.

September 2019


Selection Criteria for Junior County Training

The selection criteria for County Training Camps is as follows:

For 18U, 14U, 13U and 12U age groups selection is made on the basis of:

  • Ranking
  • Rating
  • Level of tournaments played over the last 12 months
  • Age/Year of birth

For 11U, 10U & 9U age groups selection is made on the basis of:

  • Rating/ Mini tennis rating
  • Ranking/recent form
  • Level of tournaments played over the last 12 months

For 8U, selection will be made on the basis of coach recommendation. We are keen to include as many players as possible in this group.

Wildcard places (except 8’s)

Each age group except 8U and 18U will normally have space for 8 players to attend County Training. 8U and 18U County Training groups will be larger than 8.

The first 6 players will be chosen using the selection criteria above; the remaining 2 players may be

selected by Wild Card. This means that in exceptional circumstances the Section Committee may choose a player who would not have been selected under the criteria above. Wild Cards may take into account:

  • Recent injuries
  • Reasons why competition has been missed
  • Personal circumstances
  • Late entry into the sport

NB An important objective of County Training is preparing players for inter County events. Currently all of these (except 8U and 18U) take place in the summer season and squad selection (except 8U and 18U) is made on the basis of a player’s age in the relevant summer season. Selections for County Training in 2019/2020 take account of the LTA’s changes in age group criteria effective from 1 April 2020.

September 2019