Seniors’ Inter County Championships – Women’s 60

Captains report from Lynda Sutton

We have had a very good season, finished in second place in division 3A with promotion into division 2 for 2020.

During the Autumn & Winter of 2018/19 we entered an indoor County league played in Corby. This was mainly so we could have some serious practices in match conditions. We finished third out of eight counties.

Our Summer matches were as follows:
Wednesday 29th May, away v Sussex, Lost 1-3 (3-6 sets)
Playing Alison Courtney,Liz Gilkes, Carole Smythe & Sue Taylor

Thursday 6th June, home v Wiltshire, Won 3-1 (7-2)
Playing Liz Bamber, Alison Courtney, Sue Talor & Jax MacLachlan

Thursday 18th July, home v Warwickshire, Won 4-0 (8-2)
Playing Lynda Sutton, Alison Courtney,Jill Lloyd & Carole Smythe

Thursday 25th July, home v North Wales, Won 3-1 (6-3)
Playing Jenny Corfield, Liz Gilkes, Jill Lloyd & Carole Smythe

Sunday 15th September away v Avon, Won 4-0
Disappointingly Avon gave us a walk over.
Playing, Liz Bamber, Liz Gilkes, Alison Courtney, Lynda Sutton & Jenny Corfield.

I would like to thank the rest of our squad, Ruth Ballantyne, Ruth Tupper, Jane Westell, Caroline Fox & Helen Crawford for coming to so many of our practices in Abingdon & supporting the team.

I’d like to thank Sue Auger from White Horse Abingdon for booking the practice courts. Paul Butcher, Rackets Manager from OHRC for allowing us to use the indoor courts at Nuffield Health.

But most importantly a big thank you to my co captain Jenny for always being available to practice and play.

After organising for the last 3 years Jenny & I are stepping down for next year. Alison Courtney & Carole Smythe will now organise the ladies over 60 side.

Lynda Sutton