Oxfordshire Junior and Adult Leagues

For those who Clubs who are looking to play in competitive leagues, Tennis Oxfordshire has some great opportunities in both Winter and Summer seasons.


Babolat Winter League

The Tennis Oxfordshire Babolat Winter League has Men’s and Women’s divisions and runs between September and March.

A total of  89 men’s teams entered the winter 2018/19 competition, playing in 8 divisions, and 80 women teams playing in 7 divisions.

The leagues are a doubles competition with each team consisting of two pairs. Each pair plays two sets against each opposing pair with one point for every set won.


Babolat Summer League

The Tennis Oxfordshire Babolat Summer League has Men’s, Women’s and Mixed divisions and runs between April and September.

For the 2019 season there are 11 men’s, 9 women’s and 8 mixed divisions.


Midweek Men’s and Women’s Leagues

Tennis Oxfordshire offer mid-week competitive opportunities in the Winter and Summer seasons. This is a great chance to play mid-week tennis against other local clubs.