Tennis at Home Challenges

During these unprecedented times when we are encouraged to stay at home to combat the spread of Covid-19, the Oxfordshire tennis community have been very active on social media to keep themselves and others entertained.

We have started to upload a selection of these to our YouTube channel for you to admire!

Oxfordshire Longest Rally Challenge

The Oxfordshire Tennis Community unite for the longest rally challenge!

Oxfordshire County Coaches

From gardens around Oxfordshire we proudly present the County Coaches Lockdown Challenge!!!

Many thanks to Jon, Kerry, Andy, Ade, Dave, Caroline, Tom L, Josh, Lucy, Bart, Tom F, Laurie and Alison for all getting involved.


FREE tennis content from Visual Ideas

Visual Ideas is an online library of bitesize video clips that can help teachers & parents make good fun exercise a daily habit.

Click on the logo below to access loads of free content via their YouTube Channel.


From around the County