Tennis for Kids returns for 2019 and is a fun introduction for kids aged between 4 and 11 who may have little or no experience playing tennis before. With courses packed full of games and drills to get kids active, it also gives parents the chance to join in too.

Tennis for Kids includes six tennis sessions led by an accredited LTA coach, a racket and ball set, and a personalised t-shirt – all available for just £25 (+£4.99 P&P). Courses are available up and down the country, so find one near you using the search tool below and join up today.

What’s it all about?

Tennis is one of the best sports to help your child develop valuable life skills; such as respect , teamwork, fair play and concentration.

Tennis for Kids is a great way for kids to learn these skills as well as the basics of the game, so they can build confidence on court and a foundation in tennis, whilst enjoying themselves in a safe environment. Simple games, drills and activities delivered by specially trained coaches ensure kids are given the best start to their tennis journey.

After each session they will receive an activity card with engaging coaching techniques, so they can continue to practice at home with the whole family.

Most importantly, they’ll be having fun and making new friends – and who knows, it may even be the start of a life-long love for the game.

Tennis for Kids in Oxfordshire

Many of our Oxfordshire Tennis Clubs run Tennis for Kids, and have scheduled sessions available.

Search for your nearest club below.